The Pleasure of Plants


George likes to get his hands dirty. Digging deep into potting soil, he and other residents at Columbia Basin Care are making a home for small indoor plants, and boosting their own health and happiness too.

While many residents enjoy our outdoor raised-bed gardens, some prefer the cooler climate and less strenuous activity of tending to house plants. Indoor gardening offers many of the same benefits.

jean-plantingnorm-plantingbobbie-plantingResearch indicates that planting and tending to growing things is especially good for those with dementia and depression. As with pets and children, plants teach us how to be attentive and responsive to the needs of others, which improves our levels of empathy and compassion. The activity also exercises cognitive and motor skills.

Studies show that indoor plants improve air quality by filtering toxins that get trapped indoors, which can improve air quality.  That, in turn, can lower the risk of respiratory disorders, as well as chronic headaches and eye irritation.

Best, and perhaps most simply, a healthy house plant provides a sense of beauty and accomplishment.