Making Music


IN TUNE: Hardshell Harmony always draws a big crowd for its concerts.


CLASS ACT: Renowned pianist Rule Beasely joins friend and singer Lloyd Walworth.


MELODY MAKER: Tom Graf always brings his guitar, and a smile.

From a one-man show to a four-piece band, we’ve got music thrumming through our halls.

“I love music, and everyone really responds to a live performance,” says Activity Director Alesia O’Brien, who organizes the concert schedule. “It moves you. It’s soothing, celebrating, and music really connects and engages the residents.”

By providing an uplifting mood and energetic sounds, local musicians brighten our days with a range of live concerts. These programs provide an essential social component that ensures residents maintain a sense of independence, dignity — and fun!

Want to share your musical talent with our residents? We welcome musicians of all kinds and we’d like to hear from you! Call Alesia O’Brien, Activity Director, 541-296-2156.