Keep Moving!

norm-exercising-side-view“I feel good when I pedal,” says Norm, as he works the stationary bicycle at Columbia Basin Care. “It reminds me of when I use to cycle. It gets the body and blood flowing, and helps my mind too.”

While our expert team of physical, occupational and speech therapists provide rehab care for short-term residents, Columbia Basin offers programs and activities to keep long-term residents active and healthy too.

The Restorative Exercise programs offer short supervised exercise sessions led by a licensed Restorative Aide. Exercises are tailored to individual needs, and take place in the second floor therapy room. The space is equipped with a variety of exercise equipment, including bicycles for strengthening and grab bars for balance exercises. Sessions typically run 15 minutes, two to three times per week.

marlene-and-carla-therapyMost everyone looks forward to their session, says Marlene Marick, the licensed Restorative Aide overseeing Columbia Basin’s exercise program. Approximately 25 residents take part.

“They get results,” Marlene says. “They feel better, with more strength, more mobility, and better balance.”

In addition, a variety of games and activities complement the structured exercise sessions. Bean bag toss, bocce ball, and whack-a-noodle (held in the Activity Room on the first floor) are excellent opportunities to stretch and strengthen muscles, and also improve balance and mobility — while having fun.

beanbag-toss-beverly“I need to exercise,” says Carla. “I need to do this.”

She’s always happy to head to the therapy room for a session of restorative movement.

“This strengthens my legs and makes me feel like I’m doing something,” she says. “You gotta move it or lose it.”