aggie - 2

GREEN THUMB: Aggie is an avid gardener.

georgie barry melon

SURPRISE: During a routine therapy session, Georgie and Barry find an abnormally large melon — weighing in at 30 pounds!


Bring in the cucumbers, the tomatoes, the big fat melons! It’s harvest time at the Columbia Basin Care garden.

The raised beds and in-ground gardens provide residents of all skills and abilities access to the joys of digging in the dirt, along with the satisfaction of vine-ripe tomatoes, oversized melons, cheery sunflowers and more.

Our team of physical and occupational therapists utilize the garden setting for hands-on therapy sessions. Blending expertise with encouragement, therapists guide residents as they plant, water, prune and pick, using the activities to build strength and endurance, and increase mobility.

“I’ve gardened all my life,” says Aggie Brown, while plucking a cucumber from a tangled vine. She lives in Tygh Valley and came to Columbia Basin for rehabilitation. “I love digging around.”

Along with fresh-grown goodies and fun physical activity, the garden is a source of sunshine and fresh air — a great combination for every body at any age.