“Good Food, Good Care.”

letter to editor
How was your stay? We like hearing from you.
Donna Smith, a recent resident at Columbia Basin, shared her experience in a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. Her kind words and honest feedback warms our hearts and fuels our efforts. Thank you Donna!

To the Editor of The Dalles Chronicle:

Wow! Surprising! I bet these are words you have never heard used to describe Columbia Basin Care Facility.

I had a severe accident in January and was told I would be laid up for several months and would have to go to this facility for therapy.

What an awesome transformation from what I remember in the 50s, and even the 90s. My room was quite spacious, clean and extremely comfortable. I even had my own television.

I had a choice of having my meals served in my room or going to the very enjoyable dining area. I was welcomed by the other residents and was able to select from a very varied menu and coming from a very picky eater, that is really saying something. They even had a large living room where residents could invite their company to sit and visit. I used this on several occasions to entertain my friends from Curves, and also took advantage of the beauty parlor that was open every Tuesday.

The activity department has something going on every day, whether it was bingo, music, games or whatever. The only drawback being that the room needed to be larger to accommodate more guests.

I can’t say enough nice things about the staff. They called us all by name, introduced themselves to each of us at shift changes and checked to see if there was anything we needed. I was encouraged to tell them about any changes that I thought needed to be made.

With the help of the outstanding staff in the physical therapy department, I was taught how to use a wheelchair, walker and tools to do things safely. It was important to them, and me, that I could act independently with all the tools I would need when I got home. It did take me six weeks to get to that goal. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

If you haven’t been to Columbia Basin the past few years, I would encourage you to check them out. My 95-year-old mother was even impressed when she came to visit me. She stated it was sure a lot different than she remembered and she would even like to go there if and when she ever needed assistance.

I never thought I would say this when I was told where I had to go when I left the hospital, but thank you Columbia Basin for my six-week “spa retreat.”

Donna Smith
The Dalles