BINGO CALLS: Alesia, Activity Director, leads residents in the game.

Bingo is one of the most popular activities at Columbia Basin Care. It’s in such demand we offer the game three days each week. We play for small prizes and pocket change, but mostly we play to keep the mind sharp and the chance to visit with our neighbors.

And what looks like a breezy game of chance is really an exercise of the mind and body. Through Bingo, residents practice motor skills, eye and hand coordination, visual cues, listening skills — all while boosting social interaction and mood.

Want to get in the game? Volunteers are always welcome. Call or drop by for a visit. We’d love to play a game (or two, or ten!) with you.


BINGO!: Lucille is a winner.

alesia ashley bingo

GET IN THE GAME: Alesia and Ashley keeps the game lighthearted and fun.