An Apple Bounty


FIRST CHOICE: Bernice rediscovered the joy of eating apples.


APPLE PICKERS: Georgann assists Jill, Kitchen Manager, in picking apples for a pie.


ONWARD! Ready for adventure.


ON BOARD: Residents and staff join in the fun.

“I never knew there were so many kinds of apples,” Bernice said as she surveyed the bounty at Kiyokawa Family Orchards in Parkdale.

Residents recently took a field trip to the 105 year-old family-owned and operated farm that offers over 100 different varieties of apples and pears. Bernice was delighted to take home a “banana-apple” — a fruit with a mild crunch that’s easy to digest. “It was so good! I hadn’t had one in years.”

Meanwhile our Dietary Kitchen Manager, Jill, was thrilled to gather apples that she turned into apple pie for residents to enjoy during the weekly Happy Hour.