Pumpkin Fun!


Why bother with the mess of carving pumpkins? We prefer pumpkin decorating, using paper, glue, tape and imagination. Residents of Columbia Basin Care went wild with their gourds, creating a cast of scary and silly characters.

betty-gray-w-pumpkin pumpkin-carving-group janet-w-pumpkinpumpkin-decorated



Road Trip: Alpacas!


alpaca-babyterri-and-alpacabeautiful-day-on-the-alpaca-farm Because fresh air and an occasional change of scenery is good for body and soul, each month we fill up the Columbia Basin Care bus and head out on a mission to clear our minds and stretch our imaginations.

Recently residents enjoyed a beautiful fall day at Foothills Yarn & Fiber, a farm just off the Fruit Loop near Hood River.

There, we got up-close and personal with gentle alpacas and their babies — and enjoyed stunning views, too.

Happy Birthday Laura!



What’s the secret to a long life?

“My mother always made me eat vegetables. Lots of beets,” says Laura Ashbrenner, who turned 102 on October 3, 2016.

Laura is an accomplished artist and fashion illustrator who’s dedicated much of her life to capturing the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. Born in Battleground, Washington in 1914, she has lived most of her life in The Dalles and  has for several years resided at Columbia Basin Care.

Edgar (Ed) and Laura, along with their three children (Vern, Janet, and Marcie) moved to The Dalles in 1957. Stunned by the unique landscape, Laura turned her focus to capturing its beauty. Many of her landscape paintings are on display at Columbia Basin Care, and her artwork is often seen for sale at online auction and collector sites such as Ebay.

Laura and Ed were married 75 years. Ed passed away in 2013 at the age of 106.

What the secret to happiness? “Well, you just have to enjoy every day as it comes,” she says.