We Like Visitors!

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Want to brighten a day? Visit us!

We love special guests and visitors of all ages. Please drop by for a one-time visit, a weekly call, or a monthly event. Just a bit of your time and attention makes a big difference.

boy coloring

AT PLAY: Youngsters from the neighborhood preschool visit Columbia Basin Care each week.

hardshell harmony 3

SING A SONG: Hardshell Harmony brings musical cheer to Columbia Basin Care.

sunglass girl

SUNNY DAYS: A small child brings big smiles to residents and staff at Columbia Basin Care.


STAR POWER: Pianist Rule Beasley and singer Lloyd Walworth entertain residents and staff.

A Note of Thanks

letter from resident

letter from residentWe love letters.

This one is from a resident who recently returned home:

“I’d like to give special thanks for good care from nurses like Pat, and all the rest that I do not know names, and all the therapy people that helped me so much with my exercises that I really needed. . . I give special thanks to Alesia O’Brien for the way she is helping the people with entertainment in all ways. It helped me pass the time. I enjoyed all the activities very much. . . .

Good job everyone. Thank you very much.”